The International Network of Love-in-Action(INLA)

A Non-profit Organization



A WFB Regional Center In The U.S.

The World Fellowship of Buddhists

Mission statement

This network is founded upon the core ideals of “Prajna” and the “Middle Path” as extolled by the Buddha, and is guided by Bodhisattva Samantabhadra’s Ten Great Vows of Love-in-action in its operations.

Action Plan

Our ten missions are:

  • Promote Prajna as the Buddha taught through the Avatamsaka Sutra; to make every effort to apply the mutual prehension of the six perfections (paramita-s in Sanskrit).
  • Emulate the example of Bodhisattva Samantabhadra in his fulfillment of vows, of Love-in-Action, and persistence of Bodhicitta.
  • Cherish the family value; to be fully committed towards one’s family responsibilities.
  • Encourage spiritual practice amongst families; place importance on being kalyanamitra-s.
  • Promote mutual support between family members, as well as between families; to protect healthy, functional families.
  • Support the Sangha and the integration of the Sutric and Tantric traditions.
  • Promote inter-religious dialogue to bring about peaceful coexistence of our society.
  • Realize that the one is not separate from the environment; promote green consumption.
  • Realize the importance of one’s health; promote healthy living.
  • Place importance on the transmission of Western and Eastern cultures; promote inter-cultural exchange.


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